We are finishing our 2021 pruning process and we would like to tell you a bit about how we work.
At Mingaco Wines we are guided by the cycles of the moon according to the biodynamic calendar. Because we are part of nature, we feel motivated to work with it and its processes. We time our pruning to be carried out during a waning moon when the lunisolar gravitational force has moved liquids and energy towards the plant’s roots, which is recommended to enhance the plant.
Our pruning technique permits the vine to concentrate all of its energy and potential into a smaller quantity of fruit of higher quality.
In addition, Pablo is the one who does the pruning, in just the way his father taught him. We know that this is a trade that is being lost among the new generations who have migrated to the city, and we believe in keeping it alive by transmitting this knowledge, sharing it and supporting each other among our communities.

*If you would like more information about the cycles of the moon, we recommend Jairo Restrepo’s book “La Luna: El sol nocturno en los trópicos y su influencia en la agricultura” (Colombia, 2005), in which he summarizes part of what he learned during 16 years of research with farmers from all over Latin America and the Caribbean.