About Us

My name is Pablo Pedreros and I make wine from the vines I planted with my dad over 30 years ago.

I’m a farmer and viticulturist. I was born in the hospital in Coelemu in Itata. I spent my entire childhood in the countryside and helped out with all sorts of tasks, from working with horses, oxen and wooden ploughs to sowing the hillsides with lentils and harvesting grains.
I‘m now 43 years old and I take pride in saying I am from the countryside. I spent six years living in the city and I had a really hard time there — I suffered a lot. Being so far away took its toll on me, so when I came back, it took a long while for me to recover.
It was hard to climb out of the hole I had dug myself into, and when I had the strength to do so, I decided to make wine. It was called Piedra Cura and I sold it every Friday in Concepción.
That was a period of introspection for me, trying to figure out what to do with my life. During this period, I went to a restaurant in Concepcion called Flor de Calabaza to offer my wine. There, I met the owner, Lorena Gómez, who told me about her friend Daniela De Pablo. I wanted to meet Daniela, so I went to one of her healthy eating workshops.

My name is Daniela De Pablo and I’m 34 years old and studied art in Santiago.

After finishing my degree, I went to Melbourne to continue my studies and I stayed there another year. Then I went travelling to a few places that I really wanted to get to know. When I came back to Chile, I started teaching Spanish classes to foreigners and English classes to Chileans.
I also led photography classes, and, for health reasons, I decided to change my diet. I began to research this topic and enrolled in a volunteer program with Nestor Palmetti, a natural nutrition and diet technician offering alternative health programs. I resigned from my job and went away for two months to participate in an intensive detox focused on body and soul.
I knew that I didn’t want to go back to the city, so I went to live in a small community called Colbún in the Maule Region. It was during this time that a friend asked me to apply the knowledge I had acquired during my volunteer work to conducting a green juice workshop. Pablo came to this workshop.

We have been living together in Checura in Itata since 2017. And 2017 was also the first vintage of Mingaco Wines with the new name and label.

We started developing our way of bottling and selling wine, and as time went by, we saw that being part of nature, supporting its regeneration and removing chemicals from every step in the making of our wines is fundamental.
Our natural winemaking process was starting to attract people’s attention and our wines soon became available in some restaurants in Santiago. People visiting the restaurants tasted our wines and began to recommend us in Chile and abroad.
Today, we are joined by our children Luan and Mayra, who are growing up in this valley, where we work and make wines in the traditional way from the grape varieties Muscat of Alexandria, Cinsault and País (which you may know by the name Mission, Listón Prieto or Criolla Chica).
We live in a small oasis of local rural family farms, among hills carpeted with old vines that are bush-trained and dry-farmed, where the vines live in harmony with the few remaining native trees. Here we have been practising regenerative agriculture since 2010 and, since 2017, the work has been carried out according to the agricultural-astronomical calendar in support of biodynamic practices.
With this approach, we have managed to stand out in the world of Chilean wine, exporting our wines and inspiring both domestic and international consumers.